5 Simple Ways to Stay Sustainably

Stay Light

Pack light. We recommend bringing the basics for clothing and footwear but otherwise keep the packing to a minimum. You’ll have less stress getting ready and you’ll be able to focus your time on relaxing in nature while you’re with us. 

A simple wardrobe will do for your 3 or 4 night stay. Pack clothing that can be layered for your planned activities, a good pair of hiking shoes or boots, a hat for the sun and maybe one for warmth if we’re expecting cool weather. Wool socks are a great addition if your feet get cold, and you’ll want a jacket for cooler evenings, plus one for rain. Bring a reusable water bottle and reusable bags. We also have some beautiful Stay Wilder canvas bags for purchase. They are the perfect size for a trip to the local farmer’s market. 

Once in your dome, we’ve got you covered with locally made amenities from biodegradable soaps to our handmade muslin robes, designed especially for Stay Wilder by Vancouver designer Marsie Alvarado of Earthy Eco Style. We combined Marsie’s design expertise and commitment to the environment with our love a comfy robe for lounging that would be easy to launder and sustainable over time. If you love our robes as much as we do, you’ll find them on our soon to be launched shop. And we’ve paired your robe with acupressure slippers that stimulate key acupressure points on each foot and give you a gentle massage as you walk.

Stay Connected

Do you best to slow down. Plan less and breathe more. The forest ecosystem is a perfect place to get connected to the larger world of which we are each a small part. Take some time to rest – in an “always on” world, it might just be time to switch off and sleep in. Nap in the middle of the day or sit quietly and listen to the sounds of the forest or a guided meditation.

How beautiful it is to do nothing and then rest afterwards.
Spanish Proverb

When you’re ready to rest, crawl into organic cotton sheets, under your organic wool duvet and enjoy the comfort of a beautifully designed queen size mattress from Fawcett Mattress in Victoria, BC. Our linen choices are designed to keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. We also offer a choice of pillows so you can make yourself extra comfy. And, our bed frames and interior furniture pieces were lovingly made by the Wood Shop in Vancouver.

Stay Local

We are so grateful for the local partnerships we have with our community. If you’re looking for healthy meal options with reduced packaging that are easy to prepare in our community kitchen, Nourish in Sechelt has you covered. Chef Cheryl and her team have partnered with us to provide meals that are perfect for our community kitchen with minimal food prep and cleanup time. We also have some incredibly great local restaurants, microbreweries, and cideries. 

If you’d prefer to have your grocery shopping done for you, you’ll soon be able to pre-order from the amazing team at Robert’s Creek WellBeing (pick-up is on your way to our Stay Wilder site). Local farmer’s markets will give you access to fresh produce, prepared food and drink, local art, and a sense of our community’s commitment to connection, belonging, and well-being.

Local activities like hiking and beachcombing are eco-friendly and restorative for the soul. Take a bag for garbage when you hike or walk the beach and help keep our environment clean. Pack out what you pack in.

Stay Put

The Sunshine Coast is a playground for the adventurer. Paddleboarding, mountain biking, incredible hiking trails, vibrant farmer’s markets, and great food and beverage options are all on your doorstep. At Stay Wilder, you’re only 15 minutes from the heart of downtown Sechelt.

When you arrive we’ll introduce you to our off-grid setup and you’ll learn to operate the various systems designed for a luxurious off-grid experience. Water – check. Power – check. Relaxation – check. 

While most of our guests do make time to explore the local area, it’s also fine to stay put. Bring your favorite book or borrow one from us. Enjoy a hike around the property. Borrow a yoga mat and flow. Make a cup of tea and listen to the forest. Do a breathing practice. Just chill.

Stay With Impact

We plant 10 trees for each guest stay with our partners, One Tree Planted. We know you have a choice of where you put your resources. Your investment in us is an investment in our planet. Together, we’ll contribute to reforestation efforts locally and globally.

You’re also staying in a fully off-grid dome. There is no water on the property except that which we bring in for your use or that which we harvest via rainwater collection. Your power comes from our solar grid which charges the portable battery pack in your dome (good for a 3-4 day stay). You’ll have the opportunity to test your conservation skills by using your power and water resources mindfully. Our soaps and skin care amenities are locally made and biodegradable – good for you and good for the earth.

We take recycling and composting seriously. And we treat Stay Wilder like the lab that it is – you’ll be able to test our latest off-grid gear and you’ll be able to monitor your power and water consumption in real-time, a truly eye-opening experience.

So there you have it! We’re always looking for improved solutions that make a difference for our guests and our planet and we look forward to your feedback.

See you soon!!