The Stay Wilder Experience

We challenge you to get outside, breathe in the forest air, feel the energy of the ocean during a storm, smell the trees after the rain, go barefoot on the earth. Join us at Stay Wilder Sunshine Coast.

10 trees/stay

heart of nature


local organic

BC glamping designed to regenerate both you and the planet

Powered by renewable energy, our off-grid domes are designed to give you a fully immersive eco-glamping experience. You get the comfort of modern sustainable amenities with the backdrop of the beautiful BC Sunshine Coast.

To enhance your Wilder experience we’re proud to collaborate with a host of businesses on the Sunshine Coast. From pre-order groceries to nourishing prepped meals and amazing restaurants, we’ve got you covered. Or instead take advantage of the outdoor community kitchen and you’re all set for an evening of relaxation and great food.

Are you ready for a Nature Reset? 

top features

the wilder community

At the center of the area is our community kitchen & fire pit, where we gather to share stories, build community, and source belonging.

The Stay Wilder community kitchen is shared by the 6 domes at our off-grid, ecotourism resort. The preparation and cooking area comes complete with a large stainless steel table, Ooni pizza oven, a Biolite FirePit grill, a Webber BBQ, and a Biolite pellet-fueled campstove.

Tips on getting wilder:

When you stay with us, do your best to slow down. Plan less and breathe more. The forest ecosystem is a perfect place to get connected to the larger world of which we are each a small part. Make time to rest – in an “always on” world, it might just be time to switch off and sleep in.

We recommend bringing the basics for clothing and footwear but otherwise keep the packing to a minimum. You’ll have less stress getting ready and you’ll be able to focus your time on relaxing in nature while you’re with us.

Embrace the wild with our good for nature amenities! Use the dry brush we gift you in your dome (it’s yours to keep) and follow the few simple steps below:

  1. First – get naked. Dry brushing is typically done before showering or bathing, so undress and stand in the shower stall. Use the dry brush we gift you, and start at the soles of your feet and work your way up the body.
  2. Bucket bath: Next, fill the wooden bucket with warm water and choose one of the biodegradable, handmade soaps we gift you. Soap up with the warm water until you feel clean. Rinse with the remaining warm water to remove the soap.
  3. Short Shower: Finally, use your on-demand hot water shower and rinse off, doing your best to conserve our precious water resource. We recommend a 1-3 minute hot shower. Alternatively, for the brave, try 1–2 minutes of hot water followed by a 30-second cold rinse.

Each dome is provided with a 20 litre (5 gallon) jug of bottled water. If you need more during your stay, just ask.

All guests have use of the outdoor community kitchen and its off-grid amenities to prep your meals at Stay Wilder. There are also fabulous local restaurants just 15 minutes away. Or ask us about our pre-order groceries or packaged meal kits from local Sunshine Coast businesses.

The outdoor sink makes cleaning up a breeze. When you are finished with your meal, remove as much food from your dishes as possible. Use your outdoor sink to wash up with your Joolca HOTTAP system.  

Camp in nature-immersed glamping pods

Our impact

At Stay Wilder, we are serious about living and travelling sustainably. Did you know that for every stay, we plant 10 trees on your behalf? We’re also proud to collaborate with a host of businesses on the Sunshine Coast to support our local economy. From pre-order groceries to nourishing prepped meals and amazing restaurants, we’ve got you covered.

Trees planted (10 per stay!)
buckets garbage removed from local beaches
local business partners

Working together makes all the difference - for the environment, for the future, and for those of us who love to travel.

a wilder lab experience

Be part of a Wilder Labs Experience

We’re pushing what’s possible for the planet. Our Wilder Lab experiences allow us to test new technology, build methods, operations, and locations in collaboration with you, our experts, and the local community.

Stay at a Wilder Lab resort and feed into the development of our methodologies to help us do better – for you, the community, and the planet.

Renewable energy is the future, and we hope to contribute to the design of a world that does not rely on fossil fuels.

We are currently testing resort-wide systems and processes that will allow us to move towards 100% solar-powered operations. As we test what’s possible, we aim to work with guests to be cautious of their energy use, and offer feedback on how we can improve.

Together we can build a fossil fuel-free world!

In nature, waste = food. We are working towards compost toilet systems that make this feedback loop possible, so you can give back to the planet every time you go!

When we looked under the hood of the “sustainable forestry industry” we were not happy with what we saw. Misaligned standards make it hard to find truly sustainable wood products. As we learned more about the vital need to protect BC’s old growth forests, we decided to go another route: UPCYCLING.

We partnered with Unbuilders Vancouver to source our wood from deconstructed BC structures.

Our decks are made of wood from a deconstructed Vancouver Island railway. Our furniture and compost toilet rooms are made from wood from deconstructed Vancouver houses.

This act of upcycling prevents perfectly good wood from ending up in a landfill, and decreases our need to rely on new raw materials.

We invite our guests to treat their pods gently to remove the need to replace this beautiful reclaimed wood. Longer lifespans for all of our products is key to reducing consumption and waste.

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