What is The 3-Day Effect?

Most of us have a sense that being in nature is restorative. Whether we walk in the forest, listen to ocean waves, or simply sit under a tree in a park, there is something about being present to the natural world that impacts our experience of life. As a kid growing up on the west coast of Vancouver Island, I was in nature for most of my early years. I was on the ocean, in the forest, scrambling up massive rock outcroppings, and very much a part of the natural world around me. The scents, sounds, and sights of the coastal rainforests of the Pacific Northwest are home to me.

But is there any real evidence that this being in nature changes us somehow and what is the 3-Day Effect?

I first came across the 3-Day Effect a few years ago, ironically while on a trip into the heart of urban Seattle, to REI’s flagship store. I recall seeing a poster about author Florence Williams and a podcast called the 3-Day Effect, positing that being in nature for 3 days can make us healthier, happier, and more creative. Her stories, and the work of the researchers and guides who accompanied her, was compelling. There was, it seemed, an “effect” that happened when people ventured out of their predictable worlds into the arms of Mother Nature for more than a few hours.

We have built this intention, to allow you to experience the restorative power of nature firsthand, into our Stay Wilder experience. We’ve chosen to design our first location as a lab because, first and foremost, it is a place of discovery and learning about how to create a regenerative (life at the center) and sustainable experience in nature that nurtures our health, happiness, and creativity. We believe that being in nature for a minimum of 3 days will impact you deeply and that it is worth investing in and honouring this sacred time.

We have chosen to offer only 3 and 4 day packages to empower you to give yourself the gift of being restored and to make sure your investment yields a lasting impact on your own well-being. We suspect (and we’ll capture your feedback) that some of our guests will simply need to rest, to be still, and to listen deeply to the wisdom of the forest. Others will be up for an adventure in living sustainably off grid, in as gentle a way as possible. Yet others will arrive not knowing what to expect and yet willing to carve a way forward starting with connecting deeply to the natural world.

Whatever your intent, we invite you to join our community, to explore the restorative power of nature with us, and to give yourself over to the 3-Day Effect. We’re always listening and would love to hear your thoughts over on Instagram.


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