World Water Day

This week, let’s dive into World Water Day on March 22nd! Stay Wilder is bubbling with excitement to share our top 5 tips on how we can all play a part in water conservation and sustainable practices: Embrace Shorter Showers: Limit your showers to 5 minutes. This simple change can save up to 20 gallons […]

Stay Wilder’s Mission and Vision

Our Mission Our mission is to deliver eco-conscious glamping experiences that deeply connect guests with nature and promote sustainable living. By sourcing from local artisans and implementing innovative eco-friendly practices, we want to inspire responsible travel and environmental stewardship, fostering a meaningful relationship with the earth that benefits both our guests and the planet. Our […]

Local Hikes We Love

The Sunshine Coast is home to some incredible hikes. Whatever your hiking ability and preferences, there is a trail just for you. And, because the coast from Langdale to Egmont can be covered in less than 3 hours by car, you’re perfectly positioned at Stay Wilder to get wherever you want to go. Here are […]

5 Simple Ways to Stay Sustainably

Stay Light Pack light. We recommend bringing the basics for clothing and footwear but otherwise keep the packing to a minimum. You’ll have less stress getting ready and you’ll be able to focus your time on relaxing in nature while you’re with us.  A simple wardrobe will do for your 3 or 4 night stay. […]

Stay Wilder Story

Glamping on BC Sunshine Coast

I liked Jodie, the former owner of Stay Wilder, the minute I met her. As the founder and passionate marketing genius behind the Stay Wilder brand, she is quite simply a wonderful human being and a great person to work with. We were introduced through a mutual connection from a local women’s network because they […]

What is The 3-Day Effect?

Most of us have a sense that being in nature is restorative. Whether we walk in the forest, listen to ocean waves, or simply sit under a tree in a park, there is something about being present to the natural world that impacts our experience of life. As a kid growing up on the west […]